Learning Expectations

Schoolwide Learning Expectations state the knowledge, skills, spiritual principles, values, and understandings students should possess upon graduation. The attainment of these Schoolwide Learning Expectations drives the instructional program and supports the operations of our school. Parents and students, please carefully read through these expectations so you can help model and promote them at home.

As a Catholic school, it is our belief that there must be an integration of our faith in our total school curriculum. Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations will aid us as we continue to provide an atmosphere where the Gospel values are instilled, Christian attitudes are developed, academic excellence is fostered, and discipline is stressed.


As a faith centered person:
- I show love and reverence for God
- I know the Catholic faith and share it with others
- I pray daily and participate in Mass weekly


As a life-long learner:
- I do my best in all subjects
- I am organized
- I use critical thinking skills to be creative and solve problems


As a caring community member:
- I work cooperatively with others
- I work for peace and justice by serving others
- I make choices that respect others


As a self-respecting person:
- I accept responsibility for my actions
- I choose to do the right thing
- I choose to have a positive attitude


As a healthy person:
- I regularly participate in physical activities
- I choose to take care of my body