Apple One-to-One

St. John the Baptist Catholic School, a leader in education, believes that technology, as a tool, has the ability to drastically change teaching and learning. When coupled with student iPod touch devices, iPads, and MacBook Air laptops, our students will be empowered for their future.

What is one to one computing?
One to one computing means that every student has regular, reliable access to technology: Regular at St. John the Baptist means once a day or more (once a week doesn't count); reliable means hardware, infrastructure (such as Internet access and bandwidth), and software that is in working order; every student means that each student has immediate individual access to technology.

Click here to see a collaboration space about use and integration of technology. The apps and links at Linkable are resources that teachers are exploring and considering to support curriculum at different grade levels and subjects. Feel free to explore them, make suggestions, and provide feedback.

What you will find in each classroom:
Preschool: iPad and MacBooks
Kindergarten: classroom set of iPads
First grade: classroom set of iPads 
Second grade: classroom set of iPads
Third grade: classroom set of iPads
Fourth grade: classroom set of iPads
Fifth grade: classroom set of iPads
Sixth grade: classroom set of iPads
Seventh grade: classroom set of iPads
Eighth grade: classroom set of iPads

Shared classroom set of MacBook Air laptops

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