Application Process

Our goal in the admissions process is to develop an understanding of each student who applies and the parents expectations.  The first step is to complete the inquiry form.

On Thursday February 2, 2017  6:00pm-8:00pm Open House for all new families desiring enrollment at St. John the Baptist Catholic School. At that time we begin the registration process. Prospective students for grades 1st-8th will visit for a day in the grade in which they are currently enrolled. The teacher will observe the student in reading, writing and math. We also observe socialization and behavior so those students coming to St. John the Baptist will support the learning and Christian atmosphere. The benefit for the new student is to see if he/she enjoys what we have to offer. Prospective Kindergarten students will sign up for a 30 minute visit to see the Kindergarten classroom, tour the school, and meet the principal with the parent. 

Visitation related paperwork:

After the student visit, the teacher will meet with the principal and a recommendation will be given regarding the student's acceptance. Using the results of the observation, past standardized test scores, report cards, and any other pertinent information, the principal will determine if the school is a good match for the student, and particularly if the school has the ability to serve students with extenuating needs. Registration is completed when the new student application and contract, registration fee, and all other relevant fees are paid. Registration forms need to be complete and submitted to the office.

Admission Policy (Transfer Students)
Any student transferring to St. John the Baptist Catholic School from another school is required to have a conference with the Principal before official registration. He or she will spend at least one day visiting before acceptance is determined. Admission of the student is at the discretion of the principal after conferring with teachers at previous schools and careful examination of school records.

Records at Entrance

  1. Satisfactory academic progress in previous school(s) (documented by report cards/standardized test scores).

  2. Recommendation from current teacher and/or principal.

  3. Indication of good character and behavior patterns which would not be a disruptive influence in the school, classroom or playground.

  4. Copies of birth, Baptismal and First Communion certificates for Catholic students (Grade 3 and above); birth certificates for non-Catholic students.

  5. Immunization records and physical exam record, according to state guidelines.

Please contact the school office at 503-654-0200 for more information.