First Grade

Welcome to first grade, it's the place for you!

First grade is a place where children grow in character and faith. We learn to respect our community members, talk about our feelings, and make things right when we make mistakes. We learn about our world's rich cultural diversity, and the basic rights, value and dignity of all people. We learn about the rich traditions of the Catholic faith, and the deep and simple love of God we find in the world around us.

Second Grade

Second grade is an exciting much to do, to learn, to explore and share.

In second grade, we work on becoming more independent and responsible. A second grader has greater focus on what they are learning, and seem to have a strong desire to make good choices. They are inquisitive and insightful.

We focus on growing together spiritual, socially, emotionally, academically and physically. We want to learn our faith and share it with others. Second grade is a very exciting time and I am blessed to be sharing it with the students a St. John the Baptist School!

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Mrs. Larsen, Second Grade Teacher

Third Grade

Welcome to the third grade! A place where your child will learn responsibility and self-motivation. Your child will improve reading fluency and comprehension and be immersed in numerous Reading and Literature activities. Students will also learn multiplication and division, all about fractions and geometry, and develop problem solving skills. Religion is important, too; your child will continue to foster his/her relationship with God and participate in numerous service projects. Writing is a significant focus, as well, including learning about and practicing the steps of the Writing Process. Your child will flourish in Third Grade!

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Mrs. Anderson, Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kayla King, Third Grade TeacherĀ 

Fourth Grade

Welcome to fourth grade at St. John the Baptist Catholic School. Fourth grade is an exciting year as nine and ten year olds take on more responsibilities and rise to a new level of independence. Here at St. John the Baptist the whole learner is addressed. The dedicated staff is committed to educating the whole student, spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. We assist your child in recognizing his/ her own strengths and talents.

For spiritual growth, fourth graders partake in a variety of service projects within the community. They have a wonderful opportunity to train as alter services. All students at St. John the Baptist are free to spread and expand their faith daily, from religion class to participating in weekly school Masses.

Students learn what it means to respect one another and how to help one another out through cooperative learning groups. Being lunch servers and classroom helpers are ways that our students experience cooperation and learn patience.

It is important that each student is actively engaged in his/her own learning. Many units and topics covered are taught in a hands-on manner. Students take part in fun Oregon History dress up days, experience what life was like for the first Oregon Settlers, and attend a play for art appreciation. Students participate in Physical Education, Music, Library, and Spanish weekly. Being members of Student Council are positive ways to incorporate academics of learning, responsibilities, and have fun.

The desire to learn and the ability to question and reason is what i valued most in the fourth grade. Students are given the opportunity to constructively examine issues, make decisions and learn to appreciate other while feeling challenged to excel.

Ask me more about our fourth grade curriculum.

Mrs. Chipps, Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

Welcome to fifth grade! If you were to enter our exciting classroom, you might see students performing American Revolution plays, collecting clothes for the fourth-annual clothing drive, actively participating in literacy groups, debating, and reading with buddies. In fifth grade, we believe we are a community of faith; sharing daily intentions and being active participants in and outside St. John the Baptist Catholic School.