Scrip Program

Each two parent family is required to purchase $1,000.00 scrip ($500.00 for single family) during the school year.

What is Scrip? The SCRIP Program provides an opportunity for families to make a valuable contribution to the school at no out-of-pocket cost!  Everyone buys groceries and many other products.  By pre-purchasing gift cards through the school for any number of products, you help the school raise anywhere from 2.5% to 30% on every dollar you spend.  We encourage families to purchase a
minimum of $1,000.00 of scrip cards over the course of the year; single parent family minimum is $500.00.  Information is included in the registration packets and is available in the office throughout the school year.  The SCRIP program eScrip purchases do not count.

How do I buy scrip? Scrip can be purchased during certain times of the day.  Please check with the office for the current scrip purchase times.

Scrip Order Form