Middle School Religion

At St. John the Baptist imparting the Catholic faith is priority. There are a variety of components to the religion program at St. John's these include: liturgical traditions and rites, service and practical application and academic aspects. Religion class is a core subject and students are expected to be able to know and share their faith.

The students have the opportunity to attend weekly Mass, attend Adoration and Benediction on the First Friday of every month, can receive Reconciliation in Advent and Lent, pray the Rosary and participate in many other liturgical rites and traditional Catholic events. In addition to those opportunities, every grade level participates in some form of service project. Middle schoolers visit Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children, bring meals to the elderly through Meals on Wheels, and put together kits for the homeless or those in transition in their lives.

In class students learn in a variety of ways. The text series used is RCL Benziger's Legacy edition and it is broken into five main areas: Church and Sacraments, Morality, Jesus in the New Testament, The Mystery of God, and Church History. Students participate in a range of learning activities; from lecture and note taking, to interviewing married couples and building model Churches. The goal of religion class is to help students better understand and better live their Catholic Faith.

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Mr. Payne, Religion Teacher