Middle School Social Studies

The Middle School Social Studies program at St. John the Baptist focuses on the five key components of social studies: history, geography, government, economics, and social science analysis.

In sixth grade, students study ancient societies, such as the early Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and Indians. They learn about the culture, history and governments of these ancient ruling groups and they also look at how geography influenced these societies. Seventh grade students concentrate on American history, and as they focus on the events that shaped the United States, they also take a closer look at the government, economy and geography of our country. The eighth grade students study world history and geography. They take an in-depth look at some of the key governments, religions, ideas, people and events that shaped the face of our modern world. The Middle School social studies teachers work to make the concepts of social studies come alive so that students can relate the ideas learned in class to our contemporary world.

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Mrs. Miller, Social Studies Teacher