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New Student Application


You can also download the SJB New Student Application here, and mail or deliver it to St. John the Baptist.

Additionally, you can email your completed document to Lucero Silva at



Student:   Grade Entering:


Date of Birth:   Place of Birth:

Religion:   Gender:   

Previous School:   

Student lives with (Both Parents, Guardian, Father/Mother, Joint Custody?):

Is your child baptized in the Catholic Church?

(Please include a copy of birth and Baptismal Certificate)


Ethnicity (Hispanic/Latin | Non-Hispanic/Latin | Unknown):

Race (Nat. Amer. | Asian | Afr. Amer. | Nat. HI/Pac.Isle. | Two or more Races | White):



Father:   Religion:

Home Address:

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Cell #:   Home #:   Wk. #:

Occupation:   Employer:



Mother:   Religion:

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Are you a registered member of a Catholic parish?

If yes, name of parish:


Current School your child is attending:

Name:   Phone:




Is there anything we should know about your child’s physical or psychological health or about any learning difficulties?

Does your child have any serious allergies or take special medication?


Please list any family members who attended St. John the Baptist Catholic School:



St. John the Baptist Catholic School is a faith-centered community that promotes the development and growth of the whole child:  spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physical.  We are committed to sharing our knowledge of God and the truths and traditions of the Church, so that students will grow in their love of God and our Catholic faith.  Our school     community is committed to inspiring students to be life-long learners.  We foster moral excellence and self-discipline in our   students so they will become responsible contributors to our school, Church, and global community.  We respect the value of each student and his/her diverse needs.  As facilitators of learning, faculty and staff assist parents in their role as primary   Catholic educators of their children. 



We understand, as a St. John the Baptist Catholic School family, that we will benefit most from the school ministry by:

1. Promising to support the school administration, policies, philosophy, and mission.

2. Supporting the responsibility of the school to discipline or dismiss any student who does not respect and observe spiritual and/or behavioral standards and cooperate with our educational goals.

3. Developing wholesome relationships with classmates and other families and by following the principles of our Catholic faith.

4. Upholding and supporting the high academic standards of the school, diligently completing homework and classroom assignments. 

5. Abiding by school policies as outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook and by teachers.

6. Agreeing to participate in Mass, prayer and or/giving because tuition does not cover the actual cost of education.

We have read the school’s Philosophy Statement and are committed to supporting the polices and personnel of St. John the Baptist Catholic School.  We will speak positively about the school, and if we have concerns or questions, we will direct them to the appropriate individual(s). We are committed to upholding the Family Commitments as stated above realizing that continued enrollment depends on this commitment. 



Father's (or Legal Guardian's) Signature   Date

 Mother's (or Legal Guardian's) Signature   Date



All applications, grades PreK-8 should include copies of the child’s birth and (if catholic) baptismal certificates.  Transfer students should include copies of the most recent report card and (if applicable) standardized test scores.

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