SJB Catholic Early Learning Center Registration


 Why enroll your children at the SJB Early Learning Center?

Catholic Faith based School:     

  • Children are introduced to the Catholic faith and learn about Jesus’ love for them through prayer, songs, and Bible stories.

Parish Connection:                  

  • Inclusion in liturgical activities, visits from Fr. John to learn about the Catholic faith.

Access to a second language:     

  • Students in all classes are exposed to Spanish and American Sign Language.

Highly Qualified Teachers:       

  • Highly educated teaching staff with an average of 10+ years of teaching experience.

Instructional Assistants:                       

  • Assistants throughout to aid in rich programming and safe social interactions.

Individualized Instruction:       

  • 1:10 max teacher to student ratio in preschool/PreK.
  • 1:5 max in Toddler room.
  • Individualized student assessments and differentiated instruction for students at all skill levels.
  • Work closely with the Clackamas Education Service District for students requiring support in the classroom.

Archdiocesan School:               

  • Connected with K-8 Archdiocesan school
  • Fully accredited through WCEA (Western Catholic Education Association)
  • Participating in QRIS system for continuous improvement for childcare programs.

Child centered environment:    

  • Safe, loving classrooms focused on gentle redirection, prosocial connections, and independence in life skills.

Play-based instruction:             

  • Students have access to a wide range materials and activities to explore their interests and practice positive social interactions.
  • Development of academic foundations fostered through choice-based learning opportunities, loose-parts play, and connection to nature.


  • Overwhelmingly parents consider the loving and safe community at SJB to be a top factor in choosing this school

Full day care program:              

  • Full day care from 7:30 to 5:30 daily, year-round.

To complete your application process, please contact the SJB School Office at (503) 654-0200.

Thank you for your interest in enrolling at St. John the Baptist Catholic School!

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