SJB Catholic School and Early Learning Center 2022-2023 Registration

Why enroll your children at SJB Catholic School?

Catholic Faith based -Archdiocesan School

  • Fully accredited through WCEA (Western Catholic Education Association)
  • Catholic Faith is taught, practiced and integrated into all subjects
  • Weekly Mass, Rosary, First Friday Adoration, Prayer opportunities throughout the day, Reconciliation, Altar serving, May crowning
  • Sacramental Preparation for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation Strong Family, Parish and Community Connection
  • Several generations of families have attended school at SJB and parents consider the loving and safe community to be a top factor in selecting SJB
  • Strong Catholic High School prep with 99% acceptance rate to local Catholic high schools
 Specials electives & Field Trips
  • Commitment to learning outside the classroom – including outdoor school, OMSI, JA Biztown, Ecological trips, Children’s Theater, Oregon Trail, Oregon Symphony, Washington DC
  • Robust programs including learning support, Spanish, music, art, PE, robotics and coding, speech and debate, STEM/STEAM, digital media
  • All classes participate in community service throughout the school year

 Teachers & Support Staff

  • Highly qualified teachers and support staff to assist in providing quality instruction and facilitate small group learning, which allows us to further individualize instruction and reach students at their level. Consistent teaching staff with an average of 6+ years at SJB
  • All classrooms staffed with Instructional Assistants
  • No class exceeds 30 students at any time. Average class size at is 24. 
  • 1:10 teacher to student ratio
  • All students take Spanish from a dedicated native Spanish speaking teacher


  • All students are one-one with brand new apple devices, technology is used as a tool to support curricular instruction

 Commitment & Performance

  • High Overall Achievement with over 70% of student body testing about state average in math and reading
  • Strong consideration before accepting new students, protocols with assessment and fit in the current class.
  • Collaboration with teachers at higher grade levels to implement challenging curriculum for students ready for that material.
  • Strong commitment to students’ social and emotional health through supplemental curriculum from Ruah Woods and Second Step.

Learning Specialists

  • Dedicated learning specialists that provide support in and out of the classroom to meet the needs of all learners. Learning specialists work with students that need extra support at all levels.
  • Learning specialists have strategies for the classroom teacher and provide one on one and small group meetings with students that need extra support and groups for students that need accelerated work to continue to have those students excel.

Before & After School Care

  • Before care from 7-8am and Aftercare from 3-5.30pm, 2-5.30pm on Fridays and provided on all in-service days.


Thank you for your interest in enrolling at St. John the Baptist Catholic School!

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